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How It Works

Stay home, stay safe and compete in a live quiz

Learning is fun. Competing with your peers is even more fun. 

Here is how it works - you "Register" for a quiz. We will group you with four students of your grade from anywhere in the country and send you a Zoom meeting link. A Quiz Master will ask you questions and award points to determine the winner. The event is simultaneously streamed live on Youtube and Facebook, which means your friends and family as well as thousands of spectators will be able to enjoy the event. For more information follow this link to the "Details" page.

When is the next live quiz?

We will schedule events as we get details of the registrants. Once we make the appropriate groups of students from the same grade, we will notify you about the date when your game will be scheduled. In the meantime, go through some of the sample questions on this site and practice for the quiz so that you can quash the competition and come out on top.

You Quiz, You Win

About Us

We are a bunch of quiz enthusiasts. With Covid-19 keeping us bound to our homes, we thought of engaging with you via friendly quiz competitions. Hope it will be a lot of fun for the kids, help us learn together and keep us busy in the short term. But our dreams are bigger - we want to create a platform which enables young people to excel in many areas - debates, public speaking, organizing, project management and leadership to name a few. We want to provide opportunities to young people to do it themselves - hence it is a platform for the people and by the people.


Want to be the next celebrity host?

'You Quiz, You Win' is for you and by you. It provides a platform for our students to showcase their talents in a multitude of ways. The live quiz events also provides the opportunity to our talented youngsters, who revel in being an MC, to become celebrated quiz masters. If you are a high school student or a college student and would like to host a quiz for young children, write to us at We provide all the content for you!


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