How It Works

  • YouQuiz Live quizzing will use Zoom online meetings and will be streamed live on Youtube and Facebook. Quizzes will be primarily among school children studying in middle school and high schools in the United States (for now). Some quizzes will also be organized for college students and adults (in due course). Here is what you need to do to take part in the contest.

  • Click on the "Register" link and enter your details to register yourself as a contestant. We will group 4 students from the same grade for one quiz game. Some tentative dates and times are indicated below. [Coming soon - we will provide the ability to select a time slot]. 

  • Once we are able to organize the groups and schedule your game, we will send a Zoom meeting link to your email ID. We will also send other details required to participate in the game. We might also do a short practice session to try out the set up and iron out kinks so that everything works smoothly on D-Day.

  • On the date and time of the scheduled quiz, you will use the Zoom meeting link to join the live quiz. Each quiz will be of 30 minutes duration. It will be general knowledge questions divided into 4 rounds on different topics - sports, current affairs, science, geography, history, movies and entertainment and many other interesting areas. The host of the quiz show will explain the rules of the game. 

  • The scheduling email will also contains links to the Youtube livestream so that parents, family and friends and the general public can view the game.

Quiz Rules

  • There will be four rounds of quizzing. The Quiz Master will ask questions on the same area in that particular round. 

  • Each participant will get a direct question in each round. If the direct question is not answered, it will pass on to the other participants.

  • The participant will get 30 seconds to answer a direct question and will get 20 points for a correct answer. 10 points will be taken away for an incorrect answer. 

  • For an indirect question, when it gets passed on, the participant will get 10 seconds to answer the question, get 10 points for a correct answer and 5 points will be taken away for an incorrect answer.

  • The participant with the most points will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, joint winners will be announced. 

  • The decision of the quiz master will always be final and binding.

  • This being a virtual game, we will adhere the participants to a honor code and hope everyone will cooperate.

For a smooth conduct of the game... 

  • Every participant will have to turn their video on and seated comfortably on a desk. It is requested that the participants use a desktop computer so that the video is steady - it is not allowed to join using a phone.

  • Participants will mute their audio unless when asked to answer a question.

  • In case of technical issues (like network connectivity etc.) facing participants, we will give some time to rectify it. In case it takes too long, we will continue without the participant. The participant will be given the opportunity to join another game later.

  • In case there are technical issues facing the host or the Quiz Master which cannot be recovered, we will have to abandon the game and reschedule it using another slot.

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday April 14, 4PM EDT
Tuesday April 14, 7PM EDT 
Wednesday April 15, 4PM EDT
Wednesday April 15, 7PM EDT
Thursday April 16, 4PM EDT
Thursday April 16, 7PM EDT
Friday April 17, 4PM EDT
Friday April 17, 7PM EDT
Saturday April 18, 11AM EDT
Saturday April 18, 2PM EDT
Saturday April 18, 5PM EDT
Saturday April 18, 8PM EDT